The Alternative Narrative


I am a hearty Minnesotan who is concerned about what has been happening to our great state. The state and local leaders seem oblivious to the disintegration of our infrastructure even as we are asked to pay more and more taxes. Our governor has never found a reason to lower taxes or cut any spending. A bloated State budget and endless regulations continue year after year.

Until recently we weren’t even given notice when refugees were plopped into our federal housing and public schools. And if you dare ask questions, the backlash is intense. The buck has been passed from local, state, and federal levels, all the way to the United Nations. We weren’t given a vote in it. We are paying for it financially, culturally, and economically.

No one who has  lived here for more than a decade or so can deny the changes in our once hometown and rural family-friendly settings. Now we hear of cover-ups of criminal activity by a certain privileged class. Many feel a subtle, subjective ominous threat.

My prayer and hope is that we can preserve our celestial freedoms for our children and grandchildren.


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  1. Glad to see you doing this blog!! It’s informative and well written! Keep up the good work hun! I stand proud with you in all things that you speak the truth of! Long live our liberties and our freedoms!


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