The book — available for pre-order now — details Kassam’s travels through European and American neighborhoods where Islamic law finds itself a part of local communities, and ties together narratives between these new ghettos and Islamic radicalism.
The book, published by Regnery, is due to be released on August 14th and is currently available on Amazon, as as well through Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and iBooks/iTunes.
The stark cover image — sure to outrage liberals and No Go Zone deniers — depicts a State of Liberty veiled with in a full burqa, an item of clothing so regressive it has even banned by the French government as well as in other public places across Europe.
Speaking on the cover, Kassam said: “It’s an image that some will claim is ‘outrageous’ or ‘hyperbolic’, but when you look at what is going on as regards the discussion around Islam — as well as what is taking places in areas across the U.S. such as Hamtramck in Michigan — it is both a stark warning about failing to demand assimilation or integration from new migrants, as well as a muzzle effectively placed on Lady Liberty”.
No Go Zones, with its foreword by former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, is available for pre-order now.