Ali Kuno, Abdiwali Sharif and Hukun Abdullahi are drafting a petition to get Commissioner Dave Piepkorn recalled from office. Dave is also Deputy Mayor. Dave is voicing his concern about the cost of the refugee resettlement to local governments and North Dakota. The rest of us citizens want to know too. That is Dave’s commendable job as a city commissioner. Of course, refugees use any excuse to play the victim and shut down our free speech. They use the usual “argument” that Dave’s questioning the cost is hate speech against refugee citizens. This is not about the refugee citizens. This is about further cost of those still flowing into our area. Even though Dave is not worried as he knows many people are on his side, USE THIS OPORTUNITY to voice your opinion to the Mayor and other commissioners about your views on refugee resettlement and support for Dave.

Fargo City Commission
200 North Third Street
Fargo, ND 58102
Phone (701) 241-1310
Fax (701) 476-4136

Executive Assistant to the City Commission:
Kember Anderson

Mayor: Dr. Tim Mahoney
Deputy Mayor & City Commissioner:
Dave Piepkorn
Commissioner Tony Gehrig
Commissioner Tony Grindberg
Commissioner John Strand