Here is an email I received from Frank Gaffney today:

I wanted to share with you a most extraordinary experience I had today. At the National Press Club in Washington, nine courageous Christian and Jewish clerics announced the formation of a new group, Faith Leaders for America. The mission they have undertaken, together with more than sixty-five other influential clergy of different faiths and denominations, is to promote and protect our constitutional freedoms increasingly under assault – in this country, as well as overseas – from adherents to the totalitarian Islamic doctrine known as Sharia.

You can see here the presentations and responses to questions by the following remarkable men: Rev. Jerry Johnson, Rev. Jim Garlow, Rev. David Barton, Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, Lt. Gen./Rev. William G. “Jerry” Boykin (Ret.), Bishop Aubrey Shines, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Hon. Sam Rohrer and Rev. Rick Scarborough. I strongly encourage you to watch the press conference in its entirety if you can.

Alternatively, click here if you want the highlights of these Faith Leaders’ discussion of: the danger we face from Sharia supremacism; the role played in advancing that agenda by the Muslim Brotherhood; the insidious techniques used by the Brothers to pursue their goal of destroying Western civilization from within – including, notably, so-called “interfaith dialogue”; and the necessity of designating the Brotherhood as terrorists.

It is to be profoundly hoped that the prayers offered by the Faith Leaders for America that Donald Trump will designate the Muslim Brotherhood will be answered early in his new administration. If so, the appeal from these faith leaders will truly be the prayer heard around the world.

Best, Frank