The anti-blasphemy Sharia police have been out in full force lately and are getting anxious with Donald Trump taking the helm.

The Hill has succumbed to the pressure from the ‘Sharia’ police and pulled an article by Robert Spencer calling him “racist” and all their favorite barbs.

Maybe they think making Robert Spencer a target will serve as a warning to others. The unbelievable unconstitutional aspects of these actions speaks volumes. We should only shout louder and work harder to expose these totalitarian Cretans.

As Robert Spencer explains,image

“The cowards who give up the freedom of speech at the slightest provocation, such as those who operate The Hill, don’t realize what is coming: their appeasement won’t silence the demands, but only encourage more, until they are nothing but passive mouthpieces for the Sharia agenda, or mute as the proponents of that agenda advance. They probably won’t realize this until it is far too late.”