From “Stealth Invasion” by Leo Hohmann…

A radical mosque known for breeding terrorists has been granted special privileges  by the city of Bloomington, which allows its members to take over a public park and treat it as their own, to the exclusion of other residents, according to complaints filed by a citizen group.

The Friends of Smith Park started a petition drive and took its case to the Bloomington city council with a formal complaint  on July 25, 2016.

At issue is the Dar-al-Farooq mosque, which has a record of turning Somali refugees into jihadusts for ISIS and other terror groups.

At least half a dozen known Somali terrotists have attended Dar-al-Farooq in recent years, including Adnan Farrah, twenty, and husband brother Mohamed, twenty-two, who pleaded guilty in April to providing material support to ISIS. The mosque is headed by Waleed Idris al-Menessey, who preaches hatred of Jews straight from the Quran and the Hadith….

Neighbors have been told by mosque workers to get out of Smith Park “because the park  belongs to [the Muslims], said one local woman.


And in Waite Park, Minnesota, a long-time local resident recently related to me a very similar incident. One evening as the man was walking through the neighborhood park as he was in the habit of doing,  a group of young Muslim men followed him and gathered around him. They informed him that he wasn’t allowed to walk in this park anymore, because it was now ‘their park.’ They proceeded to get louder and spat at him. Even though my friend protested by saying he paid taxes and had every right to be there, the group got their message across.

When did we give up our parks in Minnesota to one group of privileged people? Was it at the same time our city and state leaders, along with our federal State Department and NGOs, secretly decided to occupy our cities and towns with hostile foreigners? Now we have media silence on refugee crimes and only alternative media is reliable.

If this isn’t the beginning of dhimmitude, I don’t know what is. We are now second class citizens, with only questionable rights. Are we allowed to say certain things if they might offend someone? Are we allowed to pray in public? Are our daughters safe in certain areas? Just questions.