Wouldn’t it be nice if Catholic “Charities” were as concerned about Minnesota’s poor and needy as much as Uganda and Kenyans?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

The other day when I wrote about the large number of Somalis entering the US from refugee camps in Kenya, I wondered who were all the refugees coming from Uganda and here we learn they are Somalis too!

We have written so many posts about Somalis/Catholic Charities in Minnesota, I have lost track. But, I do remember when I first learned that it was three ostensibly Christian federal refugee contractors who first placed Muslim Somalis in Minnesota decades ago,and they are still at it.  See that 2011 post here.

It was the generous welfare that made Minnesota so attractive to these resettlement contracting agencies.

nakivale-refugee-camp-uganda Somali Muslims are being placed in Minnesota from Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda.

Here is the story that caught my eye just now, from CNSnews:

A Somali couple with three children is seeking a new life in Minnesota thanks to a Catholic Charities’ resettlement…

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