Classic shifting narrative. Bad guy=good guy.
Left/Islamist expert Hegelian dialectic.

The Muslim Issue

Look at him with his Palstinian scraf and one-finger tawhid (oneness of totalitarian Islam and Muslims) salute. Muslims recruit infidels and convert them through fake news – propaganda arguments portraying terrorists and Islamic fascism as victims. The Islamic jihad cause is being touted as a fight towards democracy and freedom. Except, what is the meaning of democracy and freedom to these people? Wahhabi Sharia.



PICTURED: Discharged military vet, 26, who shot dead five at Ft.Lauderdale airport baggage claim – after telling FBI two months ago that he was being forced by the CIA to fight for ISIS 

  • Five people dead and eight injured after gunman opened fire in Florida’s Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport 
  • The gunman was taken into custody and identified as 26-year-old Iraq army veteran Esteban Santiago
  • Santiago flew into the Florida airport from Anchorage, Alaska and had checked his gun for the flight
  • He loaded his gun in the…

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