In response to the Shariah: Understanding the Misunderstood

article written by Hassan Yussuf, I just have to call foul. There are too many errors and unfair, unsubstantiated accusations that must be addressed.

First, Mr Yussuf says that, “Lately the word Shariah has been thrown around in all kinds of places by people who have little or zero knowledge about the real meaning of Shariah. This has lead to misunderstandings about the real meaning of Shariah. Some states have even introduced drastic legislation based on unfounded fear and propaganda. These legislations potentially endanger vast numbers of innocent Muslim Americans.” I feel these statements are inflammatory and ridiculous. Article VI, Section 2 of our Constitution states the “United States Law is Supreme and we shall have no other.” Presently we have more and more Muslims living here who are obligated to live under Shariah, so if Shariah is compatible with our laws, why would our laws and governmental system represent drastic legislation, and exactly how would this endanger innocent Muslim Americans? Please explain how our Constitution and legislative process endangers anyone and why asking ALL to abide by it is wrong or problematic.

The Shariah 101 event that you may be referring to was presented using Islamic sources which were current, mainstream, broadly and formally approved/accepted and fairly and in context. We learned about many things, including the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam and how it is subject to Islamic Shariah; Article 22: says “Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely in such a manner as would not be contrary to the principle of Shariah.” We learned about the Amman Message, that 500 leading Muslim scholars unanimously endorsed, but never referenced violence to kafirs. We learned about the Pact of Omar and what to expect under full Sharia. Nevertheless, I never expected the hate-filled response we received from your group and the St Cloud Times. For simply sponsoring this event and wanting to do it without “protest”we were verbally threatened on the phone and bullied by the press. The presenter was totally discredited and lost his livelihood, all with #unitecloud and St Cloud Times’ congratulatory approval, which is more proof that Shariah is obligatory to kafirs (because Shariah demands that no criticism of Islam is allowed, as attested to by many, such as Theo Van Gogh and Charlie Hebdo). Even though we were only hearing and learning the truth, we found that that is not allowed according to Islamic Shariah and the left.

Secondly, on March 22, 2016, on Dan “Ox” Ochsner’s KNSI radio podcast,

go to minute 16:16 mark on the 4:12 pm show and hear # unitecloud Star attraction, Haji Yusuf, declare that “Shariah is NEVER, NEVER going to happen in this great country!” (He also referenced Article VI, Section 2 Supremacy clause)

So which is it? Is Shariah the gold standard or is it not? Is it compatible with our U.S. Constitution or not? Is it full of equality, free choice and justice? Seems like #unitecloud is taking two sides on this; yet, we are the ones accused of misunderstanding?

Third, the next problem is that we must have very different definitions between Islam “believers” and non-believers (kafirs) of important words; words, such as freedom, peace and justice. “Freedom” in Islam means the freedom to obey Allah according to Islamic Shariah. “Peace” in Islam cannot mean what I think it does. I hear over and over that Islam is “peace” and yet witness over and over that it is NOT. World history has proven without a doubt that it is not. Again, it must be peace according to Islamic Shariah. Mr Yussuf says “Justice is an integral part of Islam, demanding all humanity irrespective of their color, nationality, sex, and religion–at all times and under all circumstances.” The only way that makes sense is when you redefine “justice” to mean justice only under Islamic doctrine and defined by its law and remember, Islam commands ALL humanity submit to it.

And then in the next paragraph we are told “non-Muslims are in no way obligated to observe Shariah and its principles.” Well, isn’t that nice? Yet every day we are subjected to more and more Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (“SLAPP”), used to intimidate into silence those who might comment publicly on the connection between jihad, terrorism, sharia, and Islam. The principle is defined here:

“The Islamists employ the progressive mainstream media to label any public criticism of a sharia-centric, jihad-driven Islam as ‘Islamophobic,’ and they add fear and financial ruin to the equation by utilizing the legal system to file SLAPP actions.” Of course as we all know CAIR are the experts at this. And by-the-way, we (Kafirs) are obligated to observe Shariah when we grant special treatment of Muslims with our tax dollars used without our knowledge or consent for foot washes, prayer rooms, dress codes that interfere with daily living, sports and beauty pageants (also used successfully to conceal identity and criminal activity), we find halal food concealed in stores, “special” healthcare services, and when Muslim gangs threaten us at public parks while informing us that the park is now “theirs” and we must “stay out” 

as has happened here in this area, along with countless children being abused in our schools and being too intimidated to report or respond. How quickly did the local media ignore stabbing victim Davee Devose since he didn’t fit their narrative and I guess only some BLM. Muhiyadin Mohammed Hassan pleaded guilty to second degree unintentional murder in the death of 20-year-old Davee Devose. Not sure how you stab someone in the chest unintentionally. And the mall stabbing victims, remember them?

At SCSU we get to ignore these incidents, also because they don’t matter.

    Europe tells the story. Austria has seen a 133% increase in rape, yet our media can’t be bothered.

Or maybe it will play out like the Muslim man who threatened the local woman at the mosque zoning meeting; he asked her for an apology for her position on the zoning and if she wouldn’t apologize her grandchildren would. So will dhimmitude prevail? I guess many want it desperately. Maybe it’s just a matter of time?

And finally, Mr Yussuf plays the victim card (surprise!), but he reminds us that he is only doing this out of charity by warning, “eventually they will come after your religion and there will be no one left to stand with you. Outlawing Sharia or illuminating a negative light on Shariah without understanding its core principles is not only unwise; it will certainly demean millions of peace loving Muslim Americans and systematically embolden Islamophobia fanatics who will tear our communities apart.” We understand it just fine, Mr Yussuf. We understand that we are the offenders unless we submit.

Well, dhimmitude may be for you, but not for me. I love American freedom too much.

(See U.N. OIC Resolution 16/18 to better understand the genesis of this worldwide usurpation of our U.S. freedoms. This also helps to understand why Marxists and other supremacists support it.)

–Margaret Starry