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The Muslim Issue

Huma Abedin’s sister spreads fake news claim that Clinton could still win if enough people tell Justice Department to carry out ‘election audit’

  • A Facebook post by Heba Abedin calling for people to phone the Department of Justice to demand ‘vote audit’ has been shared widely
  • She claimed it could change outcome of the election – but it has been robustly denied by the DoJ that they would succumb to such pressure
  •  Heba is Huma Abedin’s sister and the two share a close personal and political relationship 
  • Unknown if Huma authorized or even encouraged her sister’s post but it was deleted 
  • The claim was first made on website Reddit but it is now reposts of Heba Abedin’s original call which are fueling its spread 
  • The two were largely brought up in Saudi Arabia and attended the same all-girls school in its capital Jedah 
  • Abedin being fooled by fake news…

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