When we decided to host the trailer/billboard for “Should America Fear Sharia” we knew it would involve some risk. It was parked on a lot beside our street in view of neighborhood traffic. We thought it would be a good way to get out the truth about Sharia, since it has been a banned subject by our Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government. 

The media and leftist Democratic “community” groups are an intolerant bunch, who don’t take kindly to any message different than their own. And we were right, of course. 

It took less than 24 hours before we had a visit from the local police saying they’d received “complaints” about the trailer. Then they found an excuse that it was on the “grass” so we needed to move it on a “concrete” surface or face a $100 fine. Don’t you love citizenship?  Fortunately, we had found an even better spot for it and were prepared to move it anyway. 

Then we saw this in the local rag sheet (see above).  I know the editor of this “newspaper” and he is a radical “alt-left” freedom hater. As he states, “The visuals ….seem to suggest Islamic Sharia law is being pushed in the United States in order to overthrow freedom and the U.S. Constitution ….residents who called the Sartell Newsleader newspaper to register their fears.” I guess people now call the media when they have “concerns” or “to register …fears.” Who knew? 

And it “seems to imply all Muslims in the United States are dangerous and Un-American.” Really? It seems to imply nothing of the sort. Don’t you love how they use the word “all”? 

This totally exposes the outright misinformation the leftist media loves to promote. Instead of doing some investigating by going to the website and watching the video, they just made up a story about “anti-Muslim” sentiment. It’s easier to spread fear and hate than to pick up a phone and talking to someone or clicking on a website and hearing the other side in an open minded way. The idea that Muslims have nothing to do with Sharia and it doesn’t affect non-Muslims is absurd. Those who continue to spread  this nonsense will be remembered just as the Germans were silent when Jews were being deported to camps.