Refugee Resettlement Watch

What is happening September 15th? That is the day the federal resettlement contractors (that masquerade as non-profits) say they are dropping off those postcardsat the US Capitol demanding more refugees (200,000!) be admitted to the US beginning on October first (the first day of the new fiscal year).  More refugees require billions more of your (taxpayer) dollars to fly them here and place them in your towns.

This is all part of the Obama Administration’s lead-up to the big pow-wow at the UN and their final push to change America by changing its people.

andy-harris Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland is the only Member of Congress who is on the Appropriations Committee and is a member of the Freedom Caucus. If you live in Maryland let him know how you feel about funding for more refugees, especially Syrians to be resettled in Maryland

No funding=no refugees!

The contractors*** have almost…

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