We all know we don’t need to look on websites to find ample evidence of Christianity being insulted and disparaged. We just talk to our friends and family and neighbors. Just got this from a friend who knows first-hand about it, among many more.
“I met a woman recently who is sincere, quiet spoken, and can be identified by the small cross around her neck as a Christian. She has a disarming charm in her greeting to others “Have a God Blessed Day”, or “God Bless you” which remind me of my mother

who was a spirit filled woman. As we began a conversation she disclosed that until recently she worked with very young children K-2nd grade as a playground supervisor.

I thought how lucky the children were to interact with an adult who was so clearly a

peaceful and spirit filled person. She clearly loved her job, and had worked for over 6 years 2 hours a day as a Playground supervisor. The biggest responsibility for the adults in her position was to keep children safe as they played outside. I asked her how many children she was responsible for and she stated from 130-180 children were on the play ground at any time they were working. She explained that she often spoke to the children as a conversation ended by saying “God Bless You”.

Over the years as she has greeted the children, many responded to her by saying “God Bless You”. She had received notes from parents thanking her for her positive interaction with their children. I was shocked when she told me she had been fired from her position for saying God Bless You and posting notes in her private cubby that used spiritual verses to give her inspiration. This at a time that in our public middle schools and high schools we are providing Muslim students with prayer rooms, sometimes with school purchased prayer rugs, and modifying our school lunch menus with no pork options so that we can be responsive to an immigrant population that has been relocated to our cities. I checked to see if the coins in my purse still stated “In God we Trust”.

In fact they do, which I hope doesn’t start a massive petition to change the wording on our currency. What I understand from this conversation is we need to change our behavior. We need to stand up and speak up. When we perceive that an action is not correct, or not responsive to all of us, inclusive for the community, we are allowing this silent judgement and stealth change of behavior to take root. We are a Christian-Judeo country, from the beginnings of our efforts to create a country that fostered freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of association. I think we all need to re-commit to those founding principles and work to keep our country and our faithful safe and secure. And to support the everyday patriots like my Christian friend.”
Name withheld