Covering up a cover-up. This is typical leftist garbage.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Sometimes you just gotta laugh and then thank the NY Daily News for sending more readers my way.

Of course you all know that most of what is reported to have happened in Twin Falls, Idaho is true.

There was a sexual assault involving three boys from Sudan and Iraq (Twin Falls and Boise receive large numbers of mostly Muslim refugees from both those countries).  Two of the boys are in custody.  The victim was a five-year-old white girl who lived in the apartment complex.  An eyewitness has described the shocking scene she discovered.  The older boy was filming the two younger boys naked and peeing on the little girl (who they had stripped of her clothing). The girl was examined at the hospital and no one has reported (yet, that I know of) that she was penetrated by any of the boys.

twin-falls-apartment-complex (1) Family members wait for information outside of…

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