So I guess we were naughty again because another Islamphobia speaker, Attorney General Andrew Luger, is coming to St Cloud, MN. Governor Dayton must be busy.

It’s the same song, next verse. They will have a few new “victims” to highlight and the “media” will record every word.

Even though most of the alleged Islamophobia vandalisms were proved false with no apology, or else hidden in the nether reaches of newsprint if reported at all, we must be reminded at least bimonthly that we are an Islampophobic society and should be ashamed.

So I have decided to hold our own Christianophobia event in the St Cloud area.

Please email me and let me know of YOUR Christian-phobia incident. We can share in educating others of the many, many times we are marginized and offended by those who just aren’t educated about our religious culture. We can pray together and ask for better understanding and how we can better communicate our identity. We just want to spread the love of Christ without persecution and without losing our heads.