A local church hosts a controversial speaker Friday, while around 100 people gathered outside for what they called a

Source: Anti-Islamic Speaker At Local Church

Haji and our Muslim neighbors were invited to come & Usama glady would have spoken to them. Not a one of them did. He has done this with others many times. It’s easier to stand outside and protest and incite others to hate and possibly vandalize the church “enemies” property. And the lap dog media eats it up. They claim he pulls verses out of the Quran yet will not indicate which ones and prove it. Mr Dakdok knows the Quran and what it says so why don’t they debate him? He will gladly debate them anytime or anyplace, as he has said. Contact his ministry.

We will await Gov Dayton’s visit with pastor Campbell to address the religious intolerance and hatred as evidenced by the recent church vandalisms in St Cloud and Melrose.