So the St Cloud Times finally did their token hit piece on Usama Dakdok. We knew it was coming, and they did a great job stirring up protesters attempting to shut him down.

Of course, we all know that the SCTimes has a staff of Qu’ran scholars and Madrassas students. They feel it is their duty to put things right, and take it seriously. They had to call Dakdok out on his error.

“Dakdok told the Times that his message is that to know Islam, one needs to read the Quran, which he said does not teach love or peace. He called Islam a “savage cult” that teaches its followers to kill non-believers.

And when CAIR-MN comes on their next regularly scheduled SCSU proselytizing event, we will be invited to a “diverse” and “multicultural” experience where we can “grow” the community. So it’s all good. No worry of any protesters there.