cropped-image2.jpegSo says poor little leftist agitator, Natalie-Please Pay Attention to Me-Ringsmuth, at #Unite(noSt)Cloud. She believes everything revolves around her and her paid position as “false hate finder of all things Muslim.” She reports on “hate” speech overheard at a local business and put out a press release to spread the made up narrative of an “Islamophobia” epidemic. She also wrangled up a lot of press when her spies found a license plate disparaging Muslims. I’m sure she got a thrill out of the weeks of hypethat caused. She is busily working on spreading the false victimhood of Muslim abuse in Central Minnesota. It’s a tough job, but she makes sure she gets rewarded. Her Facebook page proves how self-involved she is and gushes with congratulations on how wonderful she is. The St Cloud Times has an almost daily endorsement of the beloved #unitecloud as shown here.  The great thing is that honest people see through the hypocrisy and hype.

She can’t go a week without a major crisis of major proportions. This week she found a column in an area newspaper that got her panties in a wad. Something about comparing Muslims to pests. While I don’t condone comparing people to pests, I do believe there are so-called “Holy” books that call people apes and pigs and some have no problem with that. She goes on with this tirade…
I guess it depends on what your sense of decency and morality actually is. Is it moral and decent to allow transgendered people to share restrooms with those who are uncomfortable with it? Is it moral and decent to allow the killing of the unborn? Is it moral and decent to force business owners to do business in situations or transactions that are against their religious beliefs? Is it moral and decent to believe your religious system is superior and gives “believers” the right to kill those who want to leave it or don’t espouse it?

She also is in hysterics that Usama Dakdok will be speaking in the area soon. She says he is a Christian Pastor who comes to “promote his extremely anti-Muslim message.” Her plan no doubt, is to disrupt and cry wolf as she loves to do.  She cries, “we are one tiny step away from violence. I am not trying to be fantastical when I say that I am surprised that we haven’t had violence directed towards our Muslim neighbors.” Because so many Muslims have been attacked and violated in Minnesota. It must stop! It will be total mayhem when the 60-80-year-old crowd decides to grab their pitchforks and torches and go on a rampage!! They might make it a whole block or two in more than 15 minutes! Oh the humanity!!

Remember when the Muslim cleric, Khalid Yasin, spoke at SCSU promoting Shariah Law? I don’t recall there being protests. Remember the past every other month when CAIR-MN came to lecture us at SCSU? I don’t remember any protests. Some people don’t just give lip service to free speech. Some really believe in it. And some paid for it in military service and don’t take it so lightly.

To read the hysterical fear-mongering piece, go here: